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Reforestation: düna strengthens the forest

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The youth-forest-home in Obereimer builds game protection fence elements with its young guests and the düna impact screws, which are then placed in the forest to protect young plants from browsing.

düna screws help with reforestation

Together with young people from the region, the YFH builds special fence elements around 4 m long and 1.70 m high. These are then erected by school classes or by foresters to form gates in the forest. There, the gates are to protect the planted young trees from browsing by deer. The storm Frederike and the bark beetle in particular have left bare areas in the forest that are now to be replanted. The fence plants last about 10 to 12 years. After that, the plants should be so large that they can no longer be damaged by deer to such an extent that they die.

For the construction of the gates, the YFH uses the impact screws from düna. On site, they are affectionately called "twist nails". Their shape prevents them from pulling out of the wood when the fence elements are transported and also in the years that follow. Thus, they ensure a firm connection of the wooden elements and protect the young plant stand. The düna impact bolt is manufactured at our site in Meschede, Germany, and can be used in many applications on wooden substrates. If we can also support the reforestation of the forest with it, we are of course particularly pleased.


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