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düna supplies fastening for clay heaters and contributes to sustainability

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The effects of climate change are bringing sustainability in construction more and more into focus - also at düna. One way to integrate sustainability into building projects is to install clay heating systems. These innovative heating systems not only provide an efficient way to heat buildings, but also have numerous environmental benefits. As a natural material, clay is often regionally available. In addition, clay heating systems can be optimally combined with renewable energy sources such as solar. This reduces CO2 emissions and at the same time reduces the use of and dependence on fossil resources. düna supports the installation of clay heating systems with special mounting solutions. A particularly innovative example can be found at Kamp C, the National Center for Sustainability and Innovation in Antwerp. There, a 90 m2 single-family house from the 3D printer is equipped with a clay heating system and fasteners from düna.

The two-story house was created in just 3 weeks by Europe's largest 3D printer. It prints one square meter in just 5 minutes. The concrete is applied layer by layer. Here, every millimeter really does correspond to the floor plan. For reasons of sustainability, the concrete building envelope was combined with natural climate ceilings. These are fitted with clay modules and traversed by hose lines. Hot or cold water then flows through the pipes - allowing the rooms to be cooled or heated as required.

Since the clay modules are refined with clay, no condensation occurs - the humidity in the room thus regulates itself. The patented natural climate ceiling for this EU-funded pilot project comes from the Göttingen-based manufacturer ArgillaTherm. The fastening solutions for the clay heating system come from düna. They provide the fastening of the clay panels in which the heating tracks lie. For this purpose, düna Argilla Therm supplies special insulation discs and the corresponding screws made of stainless steel, which are used to fasten the clay panels to the wall or ceiling. The screws offer a special thread to give the panels the necessary hold and were developed individually for Argilla Therm according to customer requirements. In this way, we actively contribute to sustainability with our products.

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