DÜNA® Presents Itself in the Regional Equestrian Festivals.

For quite some time, the Bremkes-family is closely knit with the equestrian sport. From now on, the holder family would like to intensify the presence of DÜNA® Befestigungstechnik on regional horse shows. The support of young talents, sponsored jumping tests and prizes as well as advertising efforts on tournaments such as touchline advertising are planned. Through these activities, DÜNA® would like to demonstrate its strong relationship to its domestic region.

The first reward has already been reaped: The young female rider figured in the picture came first in jumping competition class A at a tournament in Warstein.

You will soon find further information on sponsoring activities of DÜNA® Befestigungstechnik.

Successful Partnership: DÜNA® and the TuS Vosswinkel

That DÜNA® Befestigungstechnik has a heart for the regional sport as the company has already demonstrated by its commitment for the local equestrian sport.

By sponsoring the football club TuS Vosswinkel, DÜNA® had a knack once again: After the team became champion of county league C, it now climbs to class B. With the striking DÜNA® logo on their shirts, the football players of TuS Vosswinkel “run a different race” from now on.

If you count on DÜNA®, you do not only bank on commitment and team spirit but also on success.

DÜNA® Rides in the Forefront

On the occasion of this year’s youth horse show in Vosswinkel, DÜNA® Befestigungstechnik had another reason to celebrate. The show’s sporting highlight was a jumping competition class A with an exciting jump-off which was won by a young rider. The Bremkes-family and the champion were delighted and happy about the commitment to the local equestrian sports leading to a positive development.

Premiere for the New DÜNA® Obstacle Jump

In 2011, DÜNA® had built a promotionally effective obstacle jump which was primarily used at the annual, multi-day horse show taking place in Vosswinkel. Together with the sponsored jumping tests and prizes, the new obstacle jump effectively supports the commitment for equestrian sports on the part of the entrepreneurial family Bremkes.

That the rods of the DÜNA® obstacle jump did only occasionally fall was seen as a good sign. Others saw it more pragmatic but with a wink. As answer to a question of his wife “why do not fall any rods at the DÜNA® obstacle” a visitor of the tournament simply said “They are engaged in producing fastening technology!” Little wonder, then, that it remains stable … just like DÜNA® Befestigungstechnik.

DÜNA® Supports the Para-Agility-Team Leo and Heike

Leo is a six-year-old Lhasa Apso who makes a brilliant team together with his owner Heike Dübbers. She is aged 41 and has a muscular disease right from her birth which entailed approximately 25 operations. Heike Dübbers would never have thought that she had success with movements one day. But thanks to her dog Leo who she got after a rehabilitation measure on recommendation of her physiotherapist, she managed. Together with him, she ranked third in her group at the 2011 Para-Agility-World-Cup in the Netherlands. DÜNA® sponsored entry fees, journey and hotel. Agility is a dog sport in which the dog has to manage the course as accurate as possible. At the Para-Agility, the dog-handler, in this case Heike Dübbers, motoric defects.

For two years already, Leo and Heike have been members of the “Flotten Pfoten” in Soest and get fit for the next exciting competitions. This year, too, they will start at the Para-Agility-World-Cup that takes place in Belgium from 30th August to 2nd September.

Our team at DÜNA® wishes her continuous success and joy. For this year, too, we have pledged our support.

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