DÜNA® Spiral Dowel – Plastic

Scope of Application

  • Facades
  • Fixing element for light-weight add-on components in plastered or non-plastered insulation boards (e.g. post boxes or lamps)
  • Use for electronic constructions, cold or climatic constructions, isolating construction, acoustic constructions

Technical Data

Head diameter: 25 mm
Length: 50 mm/90 mm
Thread diameter: 16 mm
Material: plastics
Suitable for 4 mm screw


  1. Either by hand or with a cordless screw driver, the spiral dowel is screwed in the insulation board – without pre-drilling.
  2. Add-on components are fasted with a 4mm screw
  3. To prevent a possible water inlet into the insulating material, seal the spiral dowel after assembly.

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