Düna Thermo Anchor

Assembly Instruction

Approval ETA

Declaration of Performance

Product description

Nailed-in plastic anchor for fixing of external thermal insulation composite systems with rendering in concrete and masonry


  • Concrete, solid masonry, hollow or perforated masonry (A, B, C)
  • For all insulation boards
  • With European Approval (ETA)


  • Specific steel nail
  • Anchor design reduces thermal transmission
  • Flush finish with the insulation surface
  • Safe and smooth installation
  • Low-consumption
  • Premounted expansion nail for quick installation

Technical specifications

Washer: Ø 60 mm
Anchor: Ø 8 mm
Drill hole depth h1≥: 45 mm
Embedment depth hef≥: 35 mm
Point thermal transmission χ: 0,009 W/K
Use categories ETA: A B C

A Normal weight concrete ≥ C 12/15 to EN 206-1: 0,3 kN
A Normal weight concrete ≥ C 16/20 – C 50/6 to EN 206-1: 0,5 kN
B Clay bricks (Mz) to DIN 105: 0,4 kN
B Lightweight concrete solid bricks (V) to DIN 18152: 0,3 kN
C Vertically perforated bricks (Hlz) to DIN 105: 0,3 kN
C Sand-lime perforated bricks (KSL) to DIN EN 106: 0,3 kN
C Hollow masonry of lightwight aggregate concrete (HbL) to DIN 18151: 0,3 kN