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For the sake of our environment

As a company, we bear responsibility – including for the environment. Sustainability is therefore one of düna’s fundamental corporate goals. And we do our best to meet it.

Our path to sustainability enhances the region and the environment

An important cornerstone of our sustainability strategy is the motto "Think global, buy local". In this way, we make the Sauerland more effective as a business location, as well as ensuring short delivery routes and fewer emissions. We also rely on electric cars and e-bikes. A photovoltaic system is planned so that our company can have a green power supply. In our production processes, we use alternative materials such as hemp in order to manufacture more sustainably. We are also a member of the DGNB (German Society for Sustainable Construction), and we are certified both as a climate-neutral company and in accordance with ISO 14001 for environmental management.


Green facts

Actions speak louder than words. That’s why we provide facts.


Sustainability in action: the company was able to save 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2022 compared to2021 through its consistent sustainability strategy.


1209 tonnes of CO2 were accounted for in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol scopes 1, 2 and 3 and offset with Gold Standard- and VCS-tested international climate protection projects.


Since 2011, the supported climate protection project Kariba REDD+ has removed more than 18 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and promoted local communities.


The run-of-river power plant project to generate electricity in Peru, which düna supports, is expected to save 68,132 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.

The steps we take for a green future at düna: we think and act responsibly and sustainably

We have recognised the importance of using our resources efficiently and of making a positive impact on the community and the environment.


Rethinking production

In the interests of responsible manufacturing and environmental protection, we are working on using alternative materials in our production process. For example, we are working on the production of insulation washers from alternative materials that use, for example, hemp, wood and a waste material from the automotive industry.

Regional cooperation

A climate-neutral company

Conscious use of resources for more sustainability in production

Our Sauerland factory has both innovative and tried-and-tested machinery and is equipped to the latest standards. Here you will find plastic injection moulding machines with which we carry out both series production and individual special orders in plastic production. We also have automatic punching and bending machines, various wire pin presses and threading machines for our metalworking jobs. In addition, we use appropriate equipment for mounting dowels or for packaging insulating plates and washers. We also manufacture products for other well-known producers. We undertake the labelling on site. Throughout the process, we pay attention to sustainable operation, compensate for our CO2 emissions and plan to install our own photovoltaic system in order to meet our electricity needs from renewable energy.

Short supply chains save on transport routes and reduce environmental impact

Our success is a combination of numerous factors. This includes a spirit of innovation, a focus on the customer and, above all, our specialist employees – but suppliers also help us to meet our standards. This means that we select them carefully and rely on regional procurement where this is possible and expedient. In this way, we reduce both transport routes and emissions and can react flexibly. Many years of collaboration and good relations with one other also make for a good working environment.


düna clay heating fixtures support sustainable construction projects

Sustainable construction is an important subject at a time when the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly clear. One way to integrate sustainability into construction projects is to use clay heaters. These innovative heating systems not only provide an efficient way of heating buildings, but also have numerous environmental benefits. For example, clay is a natural material that is often available locally. Clay heaters often use renewable energy sources such as solar energy. This reduces CO2 emissions and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, the heaters are very energy-efficient and can store heat for a long period of time. düna supports the installation of clay heaters with special fastening solutions. 50 mm insulation washers made of stainless steel and screws with a special thread developed in-house ensure that the clay panels in which the heating tracks are located can be attached either to the ceiling or to the wall.

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